How Do Students Avoid Plagiarism?

Speaker:Elok Putri Nimasari| Location:Room 3| Date:August 11, 2016| Time:11:15-11:45


Academic dishonesty such as plagiarism refers to cheating and presenting other’s creation as one’s original work. As a number of technologies especially the use of smartphones and the Internet to gather information has been increasing significantly, plagiarism should be considered an intellectual violation. Whether or not students copy and paste consciously, it is institutional responsibility to introduce guidance on what will or may be identified as plagiarism, to give long-term guidance on writing practices, and to apply transparent penalty systems consistently. This study focuses on identifying students’ behavior towards plagiarism, identifying types of plagiarism, and analyzing possible solutions to ameliorate academic dishonesty.

Keywords: plagiarism, behavior, academic dishonesty


(104) Elok Putri NimasariElok Putri Nimasari is an English Lecturer of Engineering Faculty of Muhammadiyah University of Ponorogo. She gained her Master degree in Sebelas Maret University. She has been a presenter for several conferences such as the 1st TECHLIN UNESA, the 7th COTEFL UNMUH Purwokerto, and the 1st ICTTE UNS Solo. Her major study concerns on analyzing material and teaching development for ESP class.

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