The Influence of Role Model Affects Teacher Identity Development in English as a Foreign Language Teaching Context

Speaker:Nonny Basalama, Karmila Machmud| Location:Room 14| Date:August 13, 2016| Time:11:10-11:40


There have been ongoing concerns and opinions in Indonesia as to what factors caused the English language teaching curriculum to be ineffective, ranging from teachers with low qualification, poor facilities and services to strong influence of the Indonesian language. In relation, it is argued that the influence of a role model is critical to the motivation in teaching and learning English and the teacher’s identity. This paper explores the factors that influence the teacher identity and beliefs and values of an English teacher who was actively engaged in teaching and was considered a powerful and energetic role model until her death at the age of 83 in Gorontalo, Indonesia. As part of a larger research project, the data for this qualitative study were collected from in-depth interviews with the family members of the exemplary teacher in Gorontalo Province, Sulawesi, Indonesia and from 10 high school English teachers and colleagues of the said teacher. The interviews dwelled on their stories, motivation, and experiences in describing the exemplar, her ways of teaching and their contribution to identity development and teaching approach in English as a foreign language.

Keywords: Role Model, Teachers’ Identity, EFL Teaching


(101) Nonny BasalamaNonny Basalama holds a Master’s degree in Applied linguistics from La-Trobe University, Australia and a doctorate from Victoria University, Australia. She is currently a faculty member of the English Teaching Program in Universitas Negeri Gorontalo. Her research interests are English Language Teaching and Teachers’ identity development.

(101) Karmila MachmudKarmila Machmud earned her Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Sydney, Australia and her Doctorate from Ohio University, USA in 2011. She is currently a faculty member in the English Education Program faculty of Letters and Culture, Universitas Negeri Gorontalo. Her professional interest is technology and language learning.

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