Applying Contextual Learning Process through Free Practice

Speaker:Dyah Kusumastuti| Location:Room 6| Date:August 11, 2016| Time:4:00-4:30


There is no doubt that a lesson design in teaching English should be prepared well by the teacher, especially if it is for speakers of other languages. TESOL recommends some teaching steps and one of them is free practice. In free practice, students apply their learnings into real-life situations or in contextual learning process. The researcher will present what the participants of the study did when they were asked to draw a picture. The current study also explored students’ creativity. This was followed by an exhibition of the picture they created. The target language was used by the students during the seemingly real painting exhibition. The benefits of free practice include the use of English without fear of committing mistakes, contextual learning reflecting real-life situations, and demonstration of students’ creativity. Learners are confident in exhibiting English skills during free practice. In line, teachers should design comfortable learning situations.


(67) Dyah KusumastutiDyah Kusumastuti is a college teacher in the University of Muhammadiyah Purwokerto. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in English, she continued her studies with a specialization in Applied Linguistics. She received a TESOL certificate in 2015.

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