Examining Teachers’ Approach in Improving EFL Students’ Vocabulary Size for Higher Education Level

Speaker:C. I Wayan Eka Budiartha| Location:Room 5| Date:August 13, 2016| Time:10:30-11:00


Vocabulary or lexis in the context of learning English as a second and foreign language is acknowledged to be vital; it has received attention in the field of ESL/EFL literary development (Horst et al. 2005; Coxhead, 2006; Lee & Munice, 2006). Having a sufficient knowledge of both passive (receptive) and active (productive) vocabulary seems to be necessary for foreign language learners to retrieve meanings appropriately and to express their ideas successfully in proper spoken and written word form (Laufer & Goldstein, 2004). However, several studies conducted in South East Asian contexts show that majority of the students did not have enough vocabulary knowledge to use in English as their second or foreign language. This study aims to examine the teacher’s approach in improving students’ vocabulary size in academic writing and to introduce a corpus-based analysis in higher education classes to elevate students’ awareness of their lexical gaps.


(69) C. I Wayan Eka BudiarthaChristianus I Wayan Eka Budiartha, S. Pd, M.A. is a lecturer of linguistics at Sampoerna University, Jakarta. He is also a doctoral candidate in Applied Linguistics at Atmajaya University, Jakarta.  He is interested in lexical studies with focus on vocabulary knowledge and corpus linguistics.

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