Of Learning beyond the Class: A Survey on Millennial Generations of Indonesian Preservice Teachers

Speaker:Susilo Susilo| Location:Room 6| Date:August 12, 2016| Time:4:10-4:40


This is a report of a survey to 150 senior students of preservice teachers from three different universities in Indonesia. The respondents were those who have taught in schools or English courses, or at least have taken the micro teaching course and internship teaching as a part of the prerequisite credits for the Bachelor Program. There were twice administration of distributing questionnaire, i.e. 1) the close-ended questionnaire and 2) the open-ended one. The data from the close-ended questionnaire were then analyzed by using SPSS 14.0 program. Descriptive statistics were used. The standard for determining the significance was p < .05. Meanwhile, data from the open-ended questionnaire were calculated by using frequency analysis and themes of reasons. The results showed that: 1) the process of utilizing courses of exposure in the forms of out-of-class speaking practices in the EFL teaching can be partly accelerated by the teachers as it was seen in the  ways EFL preservice teachers empowered the students to make out-of-class speaking practices and the ways EFL preservice teachers involved themselves in the out-of-class practices with students through daily-talks, 2) there was psychological condition which could hinder EFL preservice teachers to utilize all teaching views about the role of out-class learning in EFL teaching; it was expressed in their reasons of the low scored agreement,  and 3) EFL preservice teachers of millennial generations had strong beliefs about media that the students used for self-directed learning


(53) Susilo SusiloSusilo Susilo is a professor of ELT in faculty of teacher training and education, Mulawarman University. He got his Ph.D from State University of Malang in 2004. In 2007, he got Fulbright Senior Research Grant in CUNY, USA. His main interest of research is in EFL Contrastive Rhetoric and ELT teacher development.


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