Reciting Nursery Rhymes is More Than Just Clapping Hands

Speaker:Rully Fitria Handayani, S.Pd| Location:Room 4| Date:August 13, 2016| Time:10:30-11:00


Nursery rhymes are a very popular rhythmic reading genre which can be used in introducing reading to children. The question is on how to use nursery rhymes to identify rhyming words and to put more meaning into the activity for it to be more than just clapping one’s hands. Also, how do primary education teachers use nursery rhymes to help children practice their reading comprehension skills? To build children’s reading comprehension, effective comprehension strategies should be used. Applying some reading strategies in reading nursery rhymes will encourage students to build their reading comprehension and will give more meaning into the activity when they are reciting the nursery rhymes. This paper is a preliminary study of how to use nursery rhymes effectively in building the students’ comprehension skills.

Keywords: Nursery Rhymes, Reading Strategies, Reading Comprehension


(68) Rully F. HandayaniRully Fitria Handayani is an ESL teacher in Cita Buana EY & Primary School, Jakarta, Indonesia. Rully Fitria Handayani is a Master’s program student of Prof. Dr. Hamka in the English Educational Department of Muhammadiyah University, Jakarta, Indonesia. She can be reached at:

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