Teaching Strategies in Writing Class: A Good Model in Islamic Institution of Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Speaker:Dewi Atikah, S.Pd| Location:Room 6| Date:August 11, 2016| Time:11:15-11:45


The presenter will present a good model of effective teaching strategies in writing class. This result is based on small-scale research in one of institutions in Indonesia. She collected the data by doing class observation and interview to evaluate the lecturer’s strategies in teaching writing as well as note down the rationales of using certain strategies. Besides, she also used online focus group to obtain the students’ perceptions about the lecturers’ ways of teaching. Her research result indicates that some teaching writing strategies have been applied to the class which makes the students be able to improve their writing skills. The rational of choosing the specific lecturer is due to his popularity among students and colleagues who consider him as good writing lecture in EFL context. In general, the teaching approach implemented was process-writing approach. Some strategies applied are the lecturer asks to share the students’ draft orally to their peers and criticize their own essay, uses different strategies to provide feedback (oral and written corrective feedback), provides personal and one-to-one consultation apart from study hours in the class, and applies variety writing methods (independent and guided writing) as well as employs many general teaching strategies to encourage students’ involvement.



De(132) Dewi Atikah, S.Pdwi Atikah is currently a MA TESOL studies student in University of Leeds, United Kingdom. She will be graduating this year, 2016 and will be working as a lecturer in TESOL field once she returns to her home country, Indonesia. She received bachelor’s degree in English language teaching department from Halu Oleo University in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. She has some experiences in teaching adult learners as English used for specific purpose, public health students of Halu Oleo university, secondary, primary, and elementary students.



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