ESP as a Way to Ensure Sustainable Development of Universities in Indonesia

Speaker:Rini Intansari Meilani| Location:Room 10| Date:August 11, 2016| Time:4:40-5:10


The teaching of English as a foreign language (TEFL) in Indonesia has never so far been successful despite various reform ideas made from time to time. This presenter proposes a radical change in approaching the English teaching by using ESP (English for Specific Purposes) by presenting three interrelated things. First, result of contextual analyses on the teaching of English as a foreign language in university context in Indonesia will be elaborated. Next, the notion of ESP as an approach to the teaching of English at the tertiary level will be discussed to bring to fore the potential advantages of this alternative way of teaching English to adult learners. The last, the presenter will explicate operational steps to take to begin to address this knotty problem of failure in English teaching by explicitly articulating (1) how the roles of English teachers should be redefined, learning materials redesigned, and day-to-day instructional practices reframed in ways consistent with the spirit of active learning proposed by ESP approach; (2) what other support systems should be established to ensure that the benefits of this ESP approach materialize in practice; and (3) what to do to systematically sustain the way English is learned and used in a community of practice so that the English language becomes part and parcel of the life of the university in which it is housed.

Keywords: ESP in Indonesia; ESP for Universities; English Teaching in Indonesian Universities; Beyond English for General Purposes (EGP); ESP for Sustainable Development


 (153) Rini Intansari MeilaniRini Intansari Meilani earned Master’s Degree in English Education from School of Postgraduate Studies (SPs), Indonesia University of Education (UPI) in 2007. She teaches English at the Faculty of Economics and Business Education (FPEB-UPI), and is currently working on her doctoral degree. She can be reached at


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