The Effects of Dialogue Journal Writing (DJW) in Engaging and Empowering Writing Skill

Speaker:Khairunnisa Hatta, Amaluddin| Location:Room 10| Date:August 11, 2016| Time:5:20-5:50


This paper calls for the introduction of dialogue journal writing (DJW) into education as a theoretically rich and practically feasible procedure. By briefly reviewing and critically revisiting major theoretical approaches to writing skill, the paper presents a theoretical image of a contextualised and integrated understanding of writing, and explores DJW as an educational practice that provides an opportunity for implementing such an understanding. This paper examines the efficacy of English DJW on students’ writing skill, as well as the students’ responses to journal writing. The data included journal entries, open-ended questions, interviews, and the results of the pre- and post-study questionnaires and the pre- and posttests on writing performance. The findings showed that the DJW project improved the students’ writing skill  on content, organization, and vocabulary; reflective awareness of writing and self-growth as learners; and intrinsic writing motivation. It also reduced their writing anxiety. The students held positive attitudes toward the project and confirmed that DJW was an important tool for self-understanding and self-growth. They indicated that DJW allowed them to consider something new; enhanced their self-confidence so that they could get along better with others; matured them through sharing their ideas, feelings, and self-perceptions; consolidated their thinking when re-reading their journals; strengthened their confidence in English writing; and gave them the chance to reflect on their daily lives. Keywords: DJW,Writing Skill


 (204) Khairunnisa HattaPresenter Is Ms. Khairunnisa Hatta, She Is A Lecturer at English Education Program, Muhammadiyah University of Parepare, South East, Indonesia. She holds a S.Pd in English education 2011, and S.Pd.I in Islamic Education 2013, and M.Pd in 2013. E-mail:

 (204) AmaluddinDr. Drs. Amaluddin, M. Hum. is teaching at Muhammdiyah University of Parepare, Indoensia, He graduated for bachelor’s degrees in Linguistics  in IKIP, Makassar and a program doctor in Malang. He is also active in Linguistics writing book.


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