The Implementation of Multimodal Assessment to Measure the English Learners’ Receptive Skills and Appraise their Academic Literacy

Speaker:Yan Mujiyanto| Location:Room 9| Date:August 12, 2016| Time:5:30 - 6:00 pm


Multimodal assessment deals with the employment of inter-semiotic elements in measuring as well as appraising learners competences. It focuses not only on verbal language but also on visual images. Although learning processes have benefited from the advancement of communications technology, such assessment generally remained monomodal. This study aimed to reveal the learners’ perceptions about the implementation of multimodal assessment in measuring their receptive skills and appraising their academic literacy, which are relevant to the multidimensional teaching-learning processes. It includes (1) the need of implementing multimodal assessment in measuring the learners’ receptive skills, (2) the relevance of employing multimodality in teaching-learning processes, (3) the importance of multimodal assessment to appraise the learners’ academic literacy. Locating at the English Department of Semarang State University and employing the lecturers and active students in the Department as subjects, this study was focused on the teaching-learning processes and multimodal assessment implemented to measure the learners’ receptive skills and appraise their academic literacy. Questionnaires were employed to explore the respondents’ perceptions regarding the implementation of the multimodal assessment and an interview to reveal their opinion about the particular type of assessment. Data were analyzed quantitatively as the basis of qualitative interpretation and inferences. Among the results were argumentative description and explanation about the implementation of multimodal assessment in measuring the learners’ mastery of the two skills.

Key words:  multimodal assessment, receptive skills, academic literacy


 (228) Yan MujiyantoDr. Yan Mujiyanto, M.Hum.: Senior lecturer at the English Department of Semarang State University Indonesia since 1983. Teaching Sociolinguistics, Translation studies and Language Philosophy, and running the English Language Education Program at the Post Graduate Program of the University, he has written a number of journal articles and published books on translation studies.

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