Investigating Learners’ Perception on Grammar in EFL Context for Indonesian Learners

Speaker:Sylvia, M.Pd| Location:Room 22| Date:August 13, 2016| Time:10:30 -11:00 am


This study scrutinizes grammartical presentation and corrective feedback from the perception of foreign language learners across proficiency, age and experience in learning English. The data are obtained from public and trade administration students by implementing questionnaire and are analyzed by using quantitative and qualitative approaches. The findings of grammartical perception viewed from proficiency, age and experience reveal that students prefer explicit grammar teaching compared with implicit grammar teaching, students understand the grammartical explanation in EFL (English Foreign Language) translated to their L1 (first language), students comprehend explicit corrective feedback from their teacher, but students tend to choose if it is delivered by their peer to reduce anxiety. Regarding with the relationship between learners’ perception of grammartical presentation and error correction and other factors (proficiency, age and experience), the findings suggest that the grammartical explicit expanation must be increased in TEFL (Teaching English Foreign Language) for public and trade administration in EAP (English Academic Purpose) subject, grammartical peer activities contribute in doing explicit corrective feedback and foreign language knowledge must be equipped by giving homework about grammar to students before getting the implicit grammar teaching from lecturer.

Key Words:  explicit grammar teaching, implicit grammar teaching, corrective feedback syllabus, EFL


(295)Sylvia, M.PdSylvia, M.Pd. is an English Lecturer at University of Prof. Dr. Hazairin SH and STIA (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Administrasi Negara). She took her Bachelor Degree in English Education at Bengkulu University and finished her Master Degree in English Education at State University of Malang on September, 2015.


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