Survey Study of Integrative and Instrumental Motivation in English Language Learning of First Year Students at Naresuan University International College’s (NUIC), Thailand

Speaker:Don August G. Delgado| Location:Room 18| Date:August 13, 2016| Time:4:30 - 5:00 pm


Language acquisition without enough motivation is tough because it is the force that drives students’ interest or enthusiasm to achieve learning. In addition, it also serves as a students’ beacon to achieve their goals, desires, dreams, and aspirations in life. Since it plays an integral factor in language learning, this study investigated the integrative and instrumental motivational level of all NUIC freshmen. In this study, motivation is classified into two types: integrative motivation and instrumental motivation. Integrative motivation towards foreign/second language learning can be considered as the most crucial element in English language acquisition because the learners are driven to learn the target language due to their admiration to the language and culture of the people speaking it.  While on the other hand, instrumental motivation is learning the target language for pragmatic considerations. Learners who are instrumentally motivated like to learn the language due to the rewards that it may give. This study concludes that NUIC freshmen are neither integratively motivated nor instrumentally motivated students.

 Keywords: Motivation, Integrative, Instrumental, Language Acquisition


(270) Don August G. DelgadoDon August Delgado is a lecturer at English for Business Communications Department of Naresuan University International College, Naresuan University, Thailand.  His current research interests include vocabulary development strategies and language learning.

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