TEFL for Indonesian Students: A Classroom Language for Teachers and Students

Speaker:Eka Dhermawati| Location:Room 19| Date:August 13, 2016| Time:5:10 - 5:40 pm


The presenter will describe the method based on teachers and students’ difficulties that teachers are going to use in the future while they are teaching English as a foreign language in Indonesia. The subjects of the research are the teachers and the learners in two selected junior high school in the district of Yogyakarta. In the survey schedule, interviews, observations and practicums of new method are held to gain the data. The results show that the students’ motivations are the most basic data that can be used to improve the future method when is applied in the classroom. On the other hand, the result that shows teachers’ difficulty in teaching English as a foreign language becomes the way of improving the characteristics considered in leveling up the method’s benefits. The method will give the result in motivating the students to achieve higher level of study English as a foreign language and as well as to understand that English is very valuable for Indonesian students.

Keywords: method, teachers and students, motivation, difficulty, English as a foreign language

(292)Eka Dhermawati

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