Narrowing the Gap between Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices in the Teaching of English Pronunciation

Speaker:Shanina Sharatol Ahmad Shah , Dr. Juliana Othman| Location:Room 18| Date:August 11, 2016| Time:11:15 - 11:45 am


Narrowing the prevalent gap that exists between the teachers’ beliefs and their actual instructional practices in the teaching of pronunciation is very crucial. The focus on pronunciation skills is important as it leads to the enhancement of communicative ability in the English Language. This paper will present the factors that contribute to the gap in trying to understand the issue of ESL teachers’ reluctance to teach pronunciation. These factors will be illustrated through a multiple case study of 5 English Language teachers who teach at public high schools in Malaysia. Findings revealed that conflict exists between the implementation of pronunciation instructions and the requirements of the English Language Curriculum. As much as there are available resources to teach pronunciation, ESL teachers face various challenges that lead them to neglect the teaching of pronunciation. Although some researchers may view these challenges as false reasons to avoid teaching pronunciation, this research found that the challenges faced are genuine. Due to the various challenges, the teaching of pronunciation is trivialised. Hence, it is crucial that the gap is narrowed by furnishing the teachers with adequate content and pedagogical knowledge of pronunciation and finding ways to reduce challenges in teaching pronunciation through more research to solve the practical needs of teaching pronunciation in the classroom.

Key words: ESL teachers, beliefs and practices; pronunciation instructions; beliefs-practices gap.


(344) Shanina Sharatol Ahmad ShahShanina Sharatol Ahmad Shah is a Senior Lecturer at the Language and Literacy Education Department, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya. She completed her PhD in Education (TESL) and M.Ed (TESL) at University of Malaya; and received her B.Ed (Hons) TESOL from University of Surrey, U.K. Her research interests include Phonetics and Phonology and Teacher’s Cognition.

(4) JULIANA OTHMANJuliana Othman is an Associate Professor of Language and Literacy Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Malaya. She is currently the Head of Department. She has been involved in language education at various levels for the past 24 years. Her research interests are primarily associated with second language teaching and learning, teacher development and pre-service teacher education. Her most recent project examines various issues related to ESL preservice teacher education and school based assessment in Malaysia.

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