The Use of Pictures in English Speaking Classes for Pupils at DANANG Primary Schools: Reality and Solutions

Speaker:Ngo Thi Hien Trang| Location:Room 19| Date:August 11, 2016| Time:11:55 - 12:25 pm


There has been a wide range of methods of teaching English speaking skill to pupils being used in primary schools where English will become a compulsory subject for third-grade pupils upwards throughout the country and in Danang, one of the piloted cities. According to modern language teaching methodology, using pictures is considered an effective way to enhance this skill especially for young learners. The presenter will show the use of pictures in teaching English speaking skill to third graders at local schools who are using the English teaching textbooks prepared in accordance with the English education program proposed by the Ministry of Education and Training. Teachers and pupils’ attitudes towards the picture use as well as teachers’ difficulties will be presented. Besides, suggestions and innovations for using pictures more effectively in Danang in particular, in the whole country in general will also be raised. The researcher hopes to contribute to basically improving the quality of English teaching and learning in Vietnam national education system as declared in National Foreign Languages Project 2020; and the new training program “Primary English Teacher Training” at Danang University of Foreign Language Studies with the support of Primary Innovations Project of British Council in Vietnam.


357-Ngo-Thi-Hien-TrangMs NGO Thi Hien Trang
received her BA in TESOL and an MA in English Language from University of Foreign Language Studies. She has contributed to national and international conference proceedings and published articles in academic journals such as Language and Life Magazine, and Journal of Science and Technology.

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