Teaching Extensive Reading in English Language Teaching at the Tertiary Level in Vietnam: An Evaluation of Current Practices

Speaker:Pham Thu Lien| Location:Virtual Room | Date:August 13, 2016| Time:4:30 - 5:00 pm


This study scrutinizes the efficacy of an English extensive reading program (EERP) implemented in Vietnam National University for 210 first year students as an attempt to boost the students’ reading skills. The findings reveal that overall, the majority of students appreciate EERP as highly effective in providing them with a range of backgrounds as well as helping learners improve their reading comprehension and reading fluency, enrich their receptive language knowledge and better understand different meanings of words in context, generate stronger motivation to read and thereby develop a habit of reading in English. The study also examines 11 literary works used in the program rated by the students and the underlying reasons for their choices. Overall, works with interesting, age-similar content are the most favored while those with lengthy and boring content are the least appealing. Another positive outcome of EERP is the stability and increase in students’ weekly time allocation for reading in English. Finally, students’ opinions about ways to improve the effectiveness of EERP are discussed in terms of: (i) criteria for selecting books, (ii) in-class activities employed, and (iii) ways of assessment. The study indicates that most students prefer to choose books on their own rather than being dictated by their teachers. Amongst other in-class activities, drama and oral presentation with comments and feedback are perceived as the most effective as opposed to diary writing and exchange.


(325) Pham Thu LienThe author is currently a lecturer at English Language Teacher Education Faculty, University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. Her interests include Extensive Reading, Creativity in English Language Teaching, and Extraversion and Introversion in Second Language Acquisition.


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