Adapting an Indonesian Folktale to Develop an Interactive Material for Teaching Spoken Narrative Text in an ESL Class

Speaker:Lulu April Farida, S.Pd., M.Pd., Intan Permata Hapsari, S.Pd., M.Pd.,Fatona Suraya, S.Pd., M.A.| Location:Room 20| Date:August 11, 2016| Time:11:15 - 11:45 am


This study aims at describing the ESL material needed in junior high school, developing the adapted Indonesian folktale into an interactive material for an ESL class and examining its implementation for teaching spoken narrative text to the students of junior high school in an ESL class. This study used Research and Development (R&D) method adapted from Borg and Gall (1985) and Thiagarajan et al (1974). The experts and teachers examined the result of designing preliminary form of product based on its defining part of this study. According to their suggestions, Widuri Game an interactive material of Indonesian folktale was designed as a final product. It developed seven learning parts, they are (1) dictation of vocabulary items; (2) listening section; (3) cloze listening test; (4) multiple choices; (5) content of narrative text; (6) retelling story guidelines; (7) story retelling. After main field-testing it showed that in ESL class teachers needed an interactive material for teaching spoken narrative text which coming from Indonesian stories to build up students’ nationality. It was practical and effective for teaching spoken narrative to students in technological era today. Students also learnt it as enjoy as playing a game. As a result Widuri Game an interactive material of Indonesian folktale is ready to use as one of narrative materials for teaching spoken narrative text to junior high school students in an ESL class.


(346) Lulu April Farida, S.Pd., M.Pd.Lulu April Farida is an English Lecture of English for Specific Purposes at Semarang State University Indonesia. She has been teaching English for years focusing on English for sport science, ICT in language learning, English teaching instruction, and Bahasa Indonesia for foreigner. She is easy to reach in

(346) Intan Permata Hapsari, S.Pd., M.Pd.Intan Permata Hapsari is a member of Faculty of languages and arts. She interests to teach English Grammar and currently is assigned as Head of International Office of Semarang State University. She can be reached in

(346) Fatona Suraya, S.Pd., M.A.Fatona Suraya completed her dual master degree from Ohio State University and Semarang State University. She teaches English in Sport Science Department. Her email is


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