Project-Based Learning Used to Develop Supplementary Materials for Writing Skill

Speaker:Dr. Diani Nurhajati, M.Pd.| Location:Virtual Room | Date:August 12, 2016| Time:10:45 - 11:15 am


English language teaching in Indonesia aims at enabling students to communicate using the target language in four language skills. Writing is the skill which is considered as the most difficult one. The problems faced by students at junior high school when they have to write are developing ideas, producing sentences to express their ideas, and mechanical problems. Many English teachers do not provide learning activities which facilitate them to practice how to make a good written text. They prefer to follow the available books which are not always suitable with students’ needs.  Ideally, they should provide supplementary materials to facilitate the students to create a text. This research tries to get solution of developing supplementary materials to teach writing skill using Project-Based Learning (PjBL). This is a descriptive research which answers the question: “How is the implementation of PjBL used to develop supplementary materials for writing skill to the seven grade students?” The implementation here covers the materials which is developed, the steps of teaching writing, and the students’ writing ability after being taught using PjBL. The research was carried out to the seven grade students at a private junior high school in a district of East Java. The results of the research show that PjBL is suitable to teach writing skill as the students’ writing ability improving significantly. They are able to develop their ideas in making a descriptive text, and they can create good sentences.


(395) Diani NurhajatiDiani Nurhajati teaches at the English Department, University of Nusantara PGRI Kediri. She graduated from English Department, Gadjah Mada University, post graduate program in English Department, IKIP Malang (UM), and accomplished her doctoral degree at UNESA Surabaya. She is interested in researching ELT for young learners, Applied Linguistics, and Instructional Material Design.


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