Constructing, marketing and delivery of On-Line learning programs

Speaker:Prof. Beata Webb| Location:Computer Lab| Date:August 12, 2016| Time:1:00 - 3:00 pm

beata-webbProfessor Beata Webb



The aim of this workshop is to explore effective and challenging aspects and practices of online teaching. The session will demonstrate favourite online strategies for assisting both direct instruction and promoting student engagement in an online environment. It will also examine the challenges faced by online education designers and instructors. Several types of learning experiences will be considered such as preparation of the content, design of the subject website, interactive tutorials and student seminars. The workshop participants will join a live Collaborate Ultra virtual classroom hosted by Dr Beata Webb which will connect the TESOL Conference in Lombok with other workshop presenters, Alicia Vallero and Christian King at Bond University, Australia. The instructional strategies presented in this session were critical in developing Master of Arts in TESOL online and blended programs at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia. To maximise your participation, please bring your laptop and headset to the session.


Dr. Beata Webb’s research interests extend to education, applied linguistics and linguistics. She has lectured in linguistics and language teacher education in Australia for over 25 years. Working with students and teachers from all over the world has inspired and determined her main research which focuses on internationalization of education in Australia and worldwide, international student mobility and intercultural teaching and learning. Dr. Webb’s research aims to improve understanding the nature of linguistically and culturally diverse student cohorts, leading to better preparation of teachers and institutions for the challenges presented by international student mobility, diversity and global citizenship. Her other professional interests include the use of technology in education and e-learning. In the field of linguistics, her work focuses on cognitive linguistics and the study of discourse, with a particular interest in the concept of cross-linguistic possession and linguistic possession in Polish discourse. She has delivered professional workshops and lectures in many countries including Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, China, Poland, the UK and Germany.

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