Evaluating the Relevance of Linguistics-based Courses in English Teacher Education Program in Indonesia: A case study at the University of Mataram

Speaker:Ahmad Junaidi| Location:Room 3| Date:August 12, 2016| Time:10:45 - 11:15 am


This study will review the relevance of linguistics-based courses as the curriculum component of English teacher preparation program in the English Education Department, University of Mataram, Indonesia.  By gathering the data from teaching staff, trainees and alumni through questionnaire, focus group discussion, interviews as well as findings from relevant literatures, this study will show the reviews the fundamental design of the program, the level of significance of linguistics-based courses for trainees’ future practices and the program synergy with the genre-based approach being implemented in Indonesian English teaching classrooms. Findings suggest that the fundamental objectives of the preparation program need to be reconsidered. Lingusitics-courses are considered less relevant to the English teaching practices. Regarding the curriculum components, the program has not significantly responded to the needs of equipping the students with relevant knowledge. It is recommended to the program to set the coverage of contents and standard of competences of each linguistics course in a curriculum document. Consequently, this study recommends additional and relevant courses to responds trainees’ needs of teaching in a genre-based approach setting. Not just to be able to teach in such setting, but also to reflect and evaluate the implementation of genre-based approach in Indonesian context.

Keywords : curriculum review, English teacher preparation, linguistics-based courses


Ahm(400) Ahmad Junaidiad Junaidi is a lecturer at The University of Mataram, Indonesia. His research focus is on English teacher education curriculum development and critical English pedagogy. He is also the founder of Jage Kastare Foundation in Lombok where he practices his beliefs about language teaching and English teacher education.

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