New Methods and Techniques in Teaching Business English

Speaker:Nick Mithelmore| Location:Plenary Hall| Date:August 11. 2016| Time:1:30 - 3:30 pm

nick-michelmoreProfessor Nick Mithelmore




The main objective in teaching Business English is to provide workplace language trainers with a practical approach to the teaching of language for business related purposes.  ESP professionals must learn the relevant background information about business learners, the world they work in and the language they use. Quality customized Business English courses are based on a needs assessment that specifies exactly what the learner has to do in the target language and employs actual workplace texts and tasks to teach it.

The increase in the role of communicative competence in modern society, the expansion of international cooperation and the need to establish new business contacts have enhanced the importance of professional language skills within the context of doing Business. In order to get the highest return on language training investment, it is necessary to identify new methods and techniques of teaching, which will enable the teacher to achieve this goal in the most efficient way. This workshop will look at the use of customized case-studies and work-place simulations to increase the motivation of the students, while also providing insights into their own field. A couple practical examples will be demonstrated to show how they can be used as effectively to create team-building and cooperative learning situations.


Nick Mitchelmore arrived in Korea in 1997, after leaving a banking career behind with a previous academic background in economics and business management. For 7 years he spent time teaching in the public schools in Korea and then went on to train teachers for the past 12 years. First at the National University of Education, prior to becoming the Academic Coordinator of Hanyang University’s TESOL department where he recently created and implemented the first Business TESOL program in South Korea.

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