Do Cultural Intelligence, Language Learning Strategies and Communication Strategies Influence Speaking Performance in EFL Classroom?

Speaker:Noor Rachmawaty| Location:Room 17| Date:August 12, 2016| Time:10:45 - 11:15 am


The condition of globalized world has urged people from different cultural backgrounds to connect to one another. Thus Cultural Intelligence (CQ) as a new form of intelligence which is rooted in the same fundamentals as other intelligences but with a focus specifically on the skill needed to be effective in the globalized, interconnected world is highly needed. Little research has been done to reveal the role of CQ in relation to English language teaching. Using quantitative approach, this study aimed at finding out the relationship among Cultural Intelligence, Language Learning Strategies, Communication Strategies, and Speaking Performance of the students in EFL classroom. In addition, it also tries to discover which component of CQ influences the use of language learning strategies, communication strategies as well as speaking performance. Data were gained through three different sets of questionnaires; they were Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS), The Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL) and The Oral Communicative Strategy Inventory (OCSI). There were 136 sixth semester students of English Department, Faculty of Education participated in this study. The findings from descriptive and inferential analysis suggested that: a). CQ level influences language learning strategies and communication strategies use, b). CQ, Language Learning Strategies and Communication Strategies are interrelated, c). CQ’s components are assumed to influence Language Learning Strategy and Communication Strategies use, however they do not influence students’ speaking performance.

Key words: cultural intelligence, language learning strategies, communication strategies, speaking performance


(416) Noor RachmawatyNoor Rachmawaty is a teaching staff at English Department Faculty of Education Mulawarman University Indonesia. She completed her Master degree at Faculty of Education Monash University majoring TESOL-International. She is doing her Doctorate degree at State University of Makassar. She is interested in English Language Teaching and Learning, Culture and language teaching.


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