Self Identity and globalization: A portrait of Student Teachers in Indonesian English Teacher Education Programs

Speaker:Luciana| Location:Room 12| Date:August 11, 2016| Time:4:00 - 4:30 pm


Gaining an understanding of teacher identity is a fundamental aspect to nurture student teachers’ developments. Such an argument is of greater importance within the context of globalization which exerts invisible force in learning and of different landscape of teacher education programs in Indonesia. This study examines student teachers’ self identity change upon their English learning using a survey-based study throughout seven English teacher education programs in Java and throughout five outside Java.  A thirty-question questionnaire designed in a four-point Likert scale is adapted based on six categories: a) self confidence, b) additive, c) subtractive, d) productive, e) split, and f) zero change. The study involves 1150 students teachers. The findings reveal that all  categories have the same internal coefficient reliability (.77). In Java, three categories rank the first three: additive, subtractive, and productive change. Outside Java, substractive change consistently ranks the first, dominantly followed by productive and additive change. As for the other three categories–self confidence, split, zero change, Java and outside Java have a similar pattern with slightly lower mean values (11.40-14.21) than additive, subtractive, and productive change. Furthermore, the analysis of self identity categories in Java and outside Java using two-tailed T test shows that it is not significantly different (p=0.44 with p<0.01). The results are interpreted and discussed in light of  wider aspects which influence the evolvement of student teachers’ self identity.


(469)Luciana is a tenured lecturer at the Department of English Language Education, Faculty of Education and Language, Atma Jaya Catholic University. She earned her doctorate degree in Applied English Linguistics from Atma Jaya Catholic University. Her research interests include teacher education, teacher identity, and classroom interaction.


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