Effective Method for Language Teaching Using Role-Play as a Method to Enhance English Speaking Skills of EFL Learners

Speaker:Mardiana Fitriani| Location:Room 29| Date:August 11, 2016| Time:11:55 - 12:25


The aim of the current study is to use role play to enhance English Speaking Skills of EFL learners in intermediate level. Speaking is the most important aspect that students need to master in learning English. There are so many factors that influence the speaking skill of the students. The factors sometimes come from what method teachers use to deliver the material and sometimes the problems come from students’ active participation in class activities. This is a problem that a teacher needs to solve. Teachers should be able to use effective methods to make students enjoy and have interest to learn English especially for EFL learners.  Students’ motivation seems to be one of the key issues in the teaching-learning process nowadays. Students should be active participants in classroom activities. Role-play activities are believed to foster students’ interest in the subject and consequently to improve their speaking abilities. We try to offer the role-play techniques in teaching speaking and expect that students will learn and enjoy at the same time.


(489)My name is Mardiana Fitriani, I’m 21 years old.  I come from Lombok, but now I stay at Yogyakarta to continue my studies at Ahmad Dahlan University Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, and my major is English Education.


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