English Lesson Planning of K-13 with Scientific Approach

Speaker:Elvina Arapah, M.Pd| Location:Room 16| Date:August 13, 2016| Time:11:50 - 12:20


Some people argue that the new curriculum, K-13 is not appropriate for English Language Teaching (ELT). One of the arguments is due to the scientific approach which should be applied in the K-13 is not quite applicable in ELT classroom since it accommodates the teaching of sciences. Moreover, English teachers are mostly still questioning on how to develop the lesson plan required by K-13. This content analysis study tries to extract an understanding of English lesson planning referring to K-13 which includes the steps of Observing, Questioning, Experimenting, Associating, and Communicating. The data was obtained from the 110 out of 550 lesson plans made individually by the undergraduate students in the Micro Teaching class. During the semester each students are obliged to make four lesson plans for the teaching practice including drafting and revision, and one lesson plan for final exam. The focus of the investigation is in the lesson objectives, considering the A, B, C, and D requirements, and the teaching steps, reviewing the match of the steps with the lesson objectives and scientific approach steps. The reason of taking the undergraduate students as the subjects because they are the future teachers who will interact with K-13. Results shows that the formulation of ‘Behavior’ is not using measurable verbs, and some steps included do not refer to the lesson objectives and K-13 steps. It is recommended that the students should be trained to refer to the verbs from Bloom Taxonomy for the lesson objectives and the activities.

Key words: K-13, lesson plan, lesson objectives, observing, questioning, experimenting, associating, and communicating


(508)Elvina Arapah is a faculty member in the English Department of Universitas Lambung Mangkurat, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. She started teaching in the English Department since 2003. Her areas of interest are English teaching methods and techniques as well as lesson planning. She can be contacted at elvteen1327@gmail.com


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