The Problems of Teaching English in Indonesia

Speaker:Septi Wulandari| Location:Room 28| Date:August 11, 2016| Time:4:00 - 4:30 pm


English is the language used to obtain and provide information to the world. English is very important. Therefore, in Indonesia, English is being taught as early as kindergarten. However, problems in teaching English are inevitable. The problem consists of internal factors and external factors. Internal factors occur in students themselves. External factors emerge from the surroundings, such as school, society, and friends. The problems in teaching English are felt very much because English is not the first language in Indonesia. Teachers have an important role in teaching English. It must be balanced with the facilities and support from the school and the government. This can actually reduce the problems in teaching English in Indonesia.

Keywords: English, teaching English, problems, student.


(493)Septi Wulandari is an English education student at Ahmad Dahlan University Yogyakarta. Septi was born in Bantul, on 08 September 1994. She graduated from SMA N 1 Sanden at 2012, from SMP N 1 Sanden at 2009. Now, she lives with her parents at Samas-Kuwaru St, Gadingharjo, Sanden, Bantul, Yogyakarta.


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