Abstract Ideas

We Welcome Abstracts From Across the World.

The focus of the conference is to cater for a wide range of attendees and encourage sharing of ideas and stimulate conversation.  We especially encourage school teachers to present on techniques and strategies employed in the classroom, including those in private English Academies.

Abstracts on the following topics are invited (up to 250 words with 50-word bio).

  • Second language acquisition research
  • TESOL certification off and on line
  • Methodologies
  • Task based teaching
  • Classroom room teaching issues
  • Teaching English
  • Testing
  • Curriculum development
  • Curriculum analysis
  • Vocabulary acquisition
  • TPRS
  • Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Teaching Profession
  • Teacher Education for new and prospective English teachers
  • Student Engagement in Language Learning
  • Effective Methods for Language Teaching
  • Issues in TESOL methodologies
  • Careers for Women in TESOL
  • CLIL
  • Gender, TESOL and the curriculum
  • Gender, TESOL and higher education
  • Education from a gender perspective
  • Gender, education and International development
  • Diversity, multiculturalism and TESOL
  • Teacher training, gender and TESOL
  • Culture and power in education
  • History of gender and education
  • Second language acquisition research or findings (undertaken or being undertaken)
  • Teaching English in Diverse settings
  • TEYL -Teaching English to young Learners (research finding or current research)
  • Lesson Planning theory for young learners
  • Culture and language
  • Your own research
  • Issues in Teaching English in a particular country


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