Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

When is the deadline for Speaker Abstracts?

July 24th 2016

Who can I contact in Lombok for hotel accommodation help?

Tatok Sumiranto

Please see accommodation info here.

Will Speaker’s papers be published?

Yes. Prof John Adamson will give sessions at the conference to Presenters with full details.

Will there be a transport service from hotels to the Conference?

Yes, details of the Bus service will be put online prior to the conference.

On Arrival at Lombok Airport, will there be a HELP Desk?

Yes, just prior to the Exit doors – it will be staffed from 07.00 – 22.00 on the 9th,10th, 11th.

When is the deadline for the Speaker Registration fee?

Deadline is the 24th July.

Can I register after the deadline to Present a paper?

Yes, but the deadline for printing of the Conference book is 28th  July so your Abstract would not make the Abstract book in time.

Will Presenters receive a Certificate of Presentation?


 Will Attendees receive a Certificate of Attendance?

Yes – but Pre Registration is highly recommended so your Certificate will be ready on 11th August.

Those registering at the conference will have their Certificate of Attendance printed the same or following day.

Will there be tours organized of Lombok for those at the conference?

Yes, half or full day tours will be available on the 13th August.

What is the process for submitting the paper I present at the conference?

So the first step is payment, second step is Presentation and third step is submitting the paper at the end of the conference. At the conference we will be holding a session for all those looking to submit papers – Professor John Adamson will be leading that session.

Papers should be up to 1,500 words only. APA 6th Referencing.
However we strongly suggest you attend the session of Prof Adamson for full information. He will address the issues of having the paper fully edited by your resources prior to submitting as any errors in grammar, sentence structure, etc, (for example) will slow the publishing process down as the Editor will return papers needing corrections and then in turn the corrected paper need be returned to the Proofing editor – this all takes some time as you can imagine.

Full Papers may be submitted up to February 28th 2017.