TESOL Certificate 120 Hour Course

TESOL Asia TESOL is the world’s renowned leading TESOL teacher training courses.

Attend the Conference, meet and listen to world experts lecturing / presenting on Methodologies, task based teaching and many other TESOL Teaching topics for  3 days,  then after the conference go online and complete 4 more Modules at your own pace.

TESOL Asia trained teachers now are working in 34 countries across the globe.

Course outline :

  1. Conference attendance


  1. Elements from the following
    1. Overview of the TESOL profession and pathways into employment and academia
    2. Methodologies
    3. Task based teaching theories
    4. Macro Skills
    5. Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Story Telling (Krashen) TPRS)
    6. Principles of SLA
    7. Grammar approaches
    8. Error correction theories and practice
    9. Introduction to psycho-neuro linguistic findings on SLA

Total Cost : Conference fee
Special 3 hour Session at Conference with Prof Ellis and Dr Paul Robertson

On Line Module

  • Principles SLA
  • Task based teaching
  • Teaching Young learners

Total fee: $250 USD


Why study TESOL?

An interview with two TESOL teachers on why study TESOL.